Marina Centro – Rimini

Marina Centro is the summer heart of the city, with its promenade full of trendy shops, discos and top level restaurants. It’s a tourist area extremely flourishing since long ago. A business area concentrated on cafés and restaurants, amusement arcades and shops. This area has always welcomed national and international VIPs and aristocrats and over the time has enriched its versatile culture. From here you can easily reach the old harbour and the new deck, two places where you will enjoy unique emotions, tastes, scents and landscapes that date back to the past though being modern. A varied and full of events environment that welcomes people from all over the world, junior and senior guests, young people and families, who benefit from the various different services offered and enjoy themselves. A renown area mentioned in many Italian comedy movies, such as for example “Rimini Rimini”, a very famous movie by Corbucci. Federico Fellini is Rimini’s prominent character. As a matter of fact, every corner of the city reminds of his accomplishments and his movies and in Marina Centro many roads were named after this great film director