Typical Romagna cuisine / homemade pasta

The holiday, as well as rest and entertainment, is also expecting the pleasure of good food. What holiday is whether there is the pleasure of tasting new dishes, genuine, with quality ingredients? To us, that we feel children of the tradition of Romagna-style hospitality, like that our guests are well at the table. The cuisine we offer is typical of Romagna, prepared by us, with fish and meat beautiful menu, using fresh local produce. The pasta and desserts are homemade, prepared with passion by our chef; the wines are those of the local wine-making tradition. Special menu for children. We take into account the needs of children, for which custom menus are possible.

Gluten-free menu.

Our chefs are able to prepare tasty and appetizing dishes (including frying!) Even for those who are intolerant to gluten. We want your stay at the table, from breakfast to dinner, for both our positive experience to remember. For guests are always chooses the best: our coffee is Illy. And for lovers of beer on tap: from Germany, Spaten and Augustiner and beyond.